I recieved a suggestion to keep the actors in charecter, that's much harder, but i think i can do it. here's my rendition:

Asheo and Mistiet
by Robin Kirkman
Act 1, Scene 2

On a street
Enter The Boss, Brock, and Bug Catcher (servant)
They are walking down it, talking quietly. Brock is a reddish shade of his normal brown because he's talking 'bout love + marriage.

Boss: Oak is punished just like me. It shouldn't be to hard not to fight.
Brock: You are both honorable, loving, amazing. It's too bad you've been fighting so long. Have you thought more about my suitorship?
Boss: Only what I told you before:
Misty is still new to the world.
She's not even 14, not old enough even to join Team Rocket.
Wait two years,
Then, she can marry.
Brock: [Hopefully] Other daughters marry younger than her, and are still happy? Sir?

I cam imagine Brock getting down on his knees here :)

Boss: Those early marriages are too soon.
Misty is my only child, all others have died.

--Author's note--
How am i supposed to keep the boss in charecter? He has none. :(
--End Author's Complaint--

Boss: Get her to love you first.
I can only consent partly to your marriage;
Misty must agree also.

Tonight I'm having a party, you can come also.
You would be very welcome in my Headquarters, err, house.
Meet Misty there, and woo her.

Boss turns to Bug Catcher, who is fixated on a weedle he has caught.

Boss: You are supposed to be attendant. I'm losing my patience.
Bug Catcher: Sorry sir, I was just excercising my..
Boss: I don't want to hear it. Go photocopy this invitation,

Boss hands Bug Catcher a Garfield birthday card

Boss: and give a copy to everyone on this list.

Boss hands Bug Catcher a shopping list.

Boss: As soon as you're done, go fire yourself for your insolence.
Bug Catcher: Yes, sir, right away sir.!
Boss: If you do it perfectly, then rather than fire yourself, confiscate your pokemon and give them to my secretary. I'm too busy to take them myself.

Boss and Brock walk offstage, still talking about Misty, Brock doing his bug-eyed but eyes still shut look, Boss looking slightly annoyed at the junior TR member.

Bug Catcher: Huh? What's this? Is the Boss a part time doctor? I can't read this at all.

Bug catcher begins mumbling about national literacy.

Gary and Ash enter, arguing again. Gary is looking slightly perturbed because his fan club is gone.

Gary: No, one man's fire burns another.
One pain is lessened by another's.
For example, watching you fail makes me feel better.

Ash, thinking about pokemon, takes this rather oddly, missing the point as usual.

Ash: Not so, cousin. One man's fire pokemon can't give the other a burn.
You can't burn fire pokemon.

Gary does one of those cool little backflips.

Ash: Oh, whups. Did I trip you?

Ash is still oblivious :)

Gary: Ash, are you mad? Or just blunter than normal?
Ash: Not mad, no. I'm bound more than a madman though.
Whipped and tormented and

Ash walks headfirst into Bug Catcher.

Ash: Ouch! Are you okay?
Bug Catcher: Yes, I am. Hey, can you read doctor's writing?
Ash: My father is almost a doctor, so yes.
Bug: Would you please read this note for me? The Boss is having a party, and those are the guests, but i can't read his chiken-scratch.

Thinking of chickens makes Bug Catcher squirm, cause chickens eat bugs :)

Ash takes the paper and begins to read. Bug Catcher pop's out a micro-cassete recorder.

Ash: Mister Martino, and his family,
Sherif Anselme and ccmpany,
Vitruvio's widow,
Sir Placentio and his neices,
James and his brother Valentine,
All the Team Rocket's,

Ash's eyes bug out a little reading that ;P

Ash: Livia,
Mister Valentino and his cousin Meowth
Lucio and Helena.

That's all. A whole bunch of high class people.

Ash hands back the scribbled paper.

Where are they going?

Bug: My master, The Boss, is having a party.
As long as you aren't with Oak, please come sir!
You have helped me immensly. Good day.

Bug Catcher runs off to the mall, where he knows a really good photocopying place.

--Author's Note--
I can just imagine a Hallmark official pounding on my door, about photocopying cards. :)

Gary: Go to that party, The Boss has invited some ladies nearly as good as my fan club, wherever -they- are. I swear, that party will work better than that playboy I offered you.
Ash: There's no way I'll find anyone better than Rosaline.

Ash realizes he just blurted his semi-secret, and does one of those flips.

Ash: Umm, anyways, she's the best. No way there's anyone more beatifull.
Gary: Whatever, I know I'm right, I always am.

Gary has an idea to kiss his own head for being so smart, tries, then thinks better of it.

Gary: Anyways, smell ya later. Or, if you'd buy some BO control, maybe I wouldn't.
Ash: [To himself]I'm going there. I'm sure I won't find anyone better than my Rosaline, but at least I can marvel at her.

Ash does one of those wonderfull Brock moves, and then the stage goes black.


I realize this is a huge change from scene 1, but I think i'm going to continue it this way. If I don't, it's not really a pokemon fanfic, it's jsut romeo+juliet w/ changed names and modern speak.

Stay tuned for the next episode! comments to kirkmans@erols.com

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